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Better Every Day Meliora

Imagine a holistic program that will teach your child both hard and soft skills, in other words “Smart Skills”. Meliora is the only Co-learning Ecosystem in the world that combines them all.

What is Meliora?

Meliora is a holistic education program that provides skills that can’t be acquired from formal schooling. Meliora develops both the hard and soft skills of young leaders with its comprehensive curriculum. Our goal at Meliora is to grow the leaders of tomorrow. So we are focus primarily on mindset, eco-system, network, and smart skills.

Meliora’s vision is to help young leaders get better prepared for the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century

Learn About Meliora

Meliora is a holistic education program that provides skills that can’t be acquired from formal schooling.

Who we are….

We are innovative entrepreneurs who have devoted their long-term careers to technology and education, always thinking about how to bring the better to life. We are globetrotters and inquisitive individuals with an ever-lasting enthusiasm for learning. 

Why “Meliora?”

The word “Meliora” means better things, even better. We always strive for better things. We always want young leaders to gain more knowledge. Each young leader has unlimited potential and we want to help them achieve their full potential. 

What is Meliora for…

It is not possible to predict the problems that the new generation may face in the future. Therefore, we aim to provide them with the capabilities for producing innovative solutions to the problems they will encounter.

Also, it is not possible for young leaders to be successful in the face of every problem, every time. In this context, we want them to continue their way and not give up without showing frustration in the face of failures. We aim for them to have resilience and perseverance skills.

Meliora emerged as a result of a mindset that believes that the school is not just a building limited to four walls, but rather should be integrated with the whole world.

Smart Skills

Life is a complex and enjoyable journey filled with risks and opportunities. On this journey, every individual needs a variety of skills. Physical competence and intellectual competency are important hard skills. Life skills, or soft skills, are also essential for both success and satisfaction. We refer to this collective skill set as smart skills. Our main objective is to develop and refine the smart skills of our students.

The sky is not the limit…

As the name suggests, Meliora adopts a mindset that entails being unsatisfied with the current situation. Our philosophy at Meliora can be described as one that always aims for the better. Consequently, we focus on progress itself rather than reaching an end-state.

Changing World

The introduction of alternating current by Nikola Tesla in 1882 opened up a whole new world for people. Tesla was a visionary scientist, educator, and entrepreneur who was always a step ahead of his time. The introduction of the iPhone in 2007 was a brand-new page in a billion-year-old world. As we live in the digital age, we open our eyes to innovations every day. In the digital age, we cannot make accurate predictions about how the future will unfold, but we can consider what kind of future is unlikely to arise.

Meliora System is Build On Four Pillars

Meliora’s approach is entirely different from the style of education used today, which does not cultivate creativity, self-discipline, communication, or problem-solving skills in children. This holistic, participative approach distinguishes Meliora’s education system from classical education.


Your mindset is your collection of thoughts and beliefs that shape your thought habits. And your habits affect how you think, what you feel, and what you do. Therefore it is one of the keywords of Meliora.


Changing world, changing technology and changing ecosystem. As Meliora we prepare individuals who can lead the change.


In order to have a global outlook and easy to develop new ideas that meet the requirements of our rapidly changing world, building a multi-cultural network is essential.

Smart skills

Meliora is a holistic program who makes you learn both hard skills and soft skills that we call smart skills.

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Meliora helped me a lot in improving myself. Thanks to it, my perspective on the world has changed a lot and I am taking firm steps towards becoming a real world citizen with each passing day.

Nalan K.

Meliora Student

Orhan Y.Before I met Meliora, I felt insecure in many areas and my life was pretty ordinary. But after meeting Meliora, I focused and worked on different areas, improved myself and increased my self-confidence. Besides, I took up hobbies and realized how useless I had used my life before. All thanks to Meliora. 

Meliora Student

Before Meliora, I was trying to have an ordinary and good future like everyone else. After I joined the Meliora program, my perspective and what I wanted to do changed. I have new dreams and goals. I started developing extraordinary projects and ideas. Now I want to do and live not only for myself but also for humanity. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this program.


Meliora Studen, Extra Space