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Discussion – 


Discussion – 



The world is at an important crossroads. We are passing through a period
similar to the age of the industrial revolution in the 19th century. Artificial
intelligence, machine learning, algorithms, and biotechnology are the most
essential concepts that define the era we live in. The rapid change
emerging in all these fields forces all people to keep up with this change.
However, this change is much faster than the transformations the world
has undergone before. To keep up with this, we need to completely
change our paradigm. For this, it is imperative that we first review our
education system.
The education mentality that emerged in the previous industrialization
revolutions is insufficient to cope with the challenges of the new era and to
seize its opportunities. Because the current education systems are mostly
focused on production-based skills, namely hard skills. However, the new
era needs individuals with skills such as critical thinking, analytical
thinking, decision making, problem-solving, persistence, collaboration, and
curiosity, which are defined as soft skills.
The cumbersome structure of the current education system, which is
based on exams and rote learning, has difficulties in keeping up with the
change and emphasizes hard skills. It is not possible for humans to
compete with learning machines and artificial intelligence algorithms
within the scope of hard skills. The qualities that make people superior to
machines and computers are soft skills. Moreover, it is possible for people
to have smart skills by combining hard and soft skills, and this is their
most important advantage over machines.
That is why it is clear that there is a need for a holistic education approach
that will replace these missing parts of the current education system and
prepare students for the risks and opportunities of the 21st century. A
holistic mindset and multi-disciplinary approach emerge as key concepts
at this point. Because it does not seem possible for individuals who can
only think numerically or analytically or who have only strong social
aspects to survive in this new era. That is why an education system that
encourages a holistic mindset and adopts a multi-disciplinary approach is
This new education system should employ all the technological
opportunities offered by the new age and empower the young leaders of
the new age within the scope of all these challenges and encourage them
to make the most of endless opportunities.





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