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Young people will graduate from a workforce environment that demands skills for jobs that are not yet available today; they will be in a world we do not know yet. In this context, the question “What kind of education should we offer to young people in the most ideal way?” occupies an important place. The simplest answer to this question is to train them as lifelong learners.

Today, the way of individuals learn, interact, socialize and work are experiencing a rapid change. By the time today’s kindergarten children will graduate in the 2030s, many things in the world will be very different from what we are doing. In this framework, the future of learning will be completely social, student-focused, individualized and supported by the digital productivity tools.

Similarly, there is a rapid change in the abilities that young people will need to be ready for life. The future of learning depends on the melting of high-level emotional, technical and social skills in a harmony. In other words, it depends on the provision of a two-wing development by bringing together both hard and soft skills

Today, the concept of learning is evolving from the focus of knowing to the focus of doing, and this situation will be carried too much further dimensions in the future. The skills outlook for 2022 put forward by the World Economic Forum clearly demonstrates this situation and change. To what extent is it possible to acquire the skills expressed here in today’s education system? Even these skills expressed in the economic forum clearly show that it is necessary to make radical changes in the understanding of education and the education systems of the future. In this transformation, the position of educators is evolving towards facilitating, guiding and mentoring rather than providing information. 







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