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Meliora LMS

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 Questions about payments

In 2021-2022, what is Meliora's annual calendar?

There will be four periods in the annual calendar, each consisting of three sprints of 21 days.

What are the main roles of Meliora's mentors?

The key element of our program is our mentors. Their main roles are facilitating role modelling and peer-coaching. All of them are well educated and creative. They have the skills needed for the digital age.

How can I pay the fee?

The payments will be made via square by using a credit card.

Is there any discount for the second child?

For second child %10,  for third child %15 discount will be made.

What is the cancellation policy?

If membership is cancelled,  all discounts will be paid by the member.

What is the location of Meliora?

Meliora is located in the United States.

Meliora operates in which countries?

The United States, Canada, Europe, and Turkey.