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Frequently Asked Questions?

Who is Meliora for?

Meliora is for young leaders in high school.

What makes Meliora unique?

Meliora aims to create an ecosystem that integrates science and art, heart and mind, conscience and equipment, hard skills and soft skills.

What is the age range of students who choose Meliora?

The first phase will be for 9 and 9+ grades.

What is a co-learning network?

By using a network-based approach, young leaders will develop progressive understandings. They will be able to connect with mentors, coaches, and friends all over the world.  As part of this network, the young leaders will gain self-efficacy and other life skills along with virtual learning.

Meliora is a school, right?

It is not. Meliora is much larger and better than a  school. It provides a learning network. Meliora helps young leaders learn, unlearn, and relearn.

Is there any certification for Meliora?

There will be certification for all the activities in accordance with international standards.

What are the outcomes of a Meliora education?

We aim to raise leaders  of the future who;

  • can transform knowledge into insight, virtue, wisdom and understanding!
  • can think outside the box,
  • can learn, unlearn, and learn again,

Adapt to the dynamic nature of the modern world shaped by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and algorithms,

  • can leave their comfort zones and dive into real-life challenges and opportunities
  • have a wide range of portfolios for admission to top universities

Having a business mindset that responds to the needs of an unprecedented environment

How will Meliora’s in-person meetups be handled?

There will be only virtual meetings.

What are the main components of the curriculum?

Meliora has a unique curriculum that contains the following components.

  • productivity tools
  • universal values
  • judgement and decision making
  • creativity
  • management
  • critical capabilities
  • English (for Europe)
  • it skills
  • international relations
  • social life
  • literacy
  • leadership
  • business mindset
Meliora teams consist of how many young leaders?

Meliora teams consist of  10-13 young leaders and a mentor.

What is the schedule for the year? How about federal or school holidays?

The education schedule will last 12 months. During national holidays, there will be breaks.

What are smart skills?

Hard skills such as physical and intellectual competencies and soft skills, or life skills, are equally essential for a successful and satisfactory life. We call the best way of harmonizing these skill sets “smart skills.”.

In 2021-2022, what is Meliora's annual calendar?

There will be four periods in the annual calendar, each consisting of three sprints of 21 days.

What are the main roles of Meliora's mentors?

The key element of our program is our mentors. Their main roles are facilitating role modelling and peer-coaching. All of them are well educated and creative. They have the skills needed for the digital age.

How can I pay the fee?

The payments will be made via square by using a credit card.

Is there any discount for the second child?

For second child %10,  for third child %15 discount will be made.

What is the cancellation policy?

If membership is cancelled,  all discounts will be paid by the member.

How can I evaluate my children's performance and the effectiveness of your system as a parent?

Parents can contact mentors whenever they need to. A monthly report will be sent to the parents. So you can easily monitor the progress of the young leader.

Will Meliora prepare my child for success in high school and college?

Meliora will help and support your child not only during high school but also throughout college.

What is the location of Meliora?

Meliora is located in the United States.

Meliora operates in which countries?

The United States, Canada, Europe, and Turkey.

If my child misses a live learning session, what accommodations are available?

Meliora LMS enables young leaders to access recorded sessions at any time.