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Meliora LMS

Who we are?

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Imagine a holistic program that will teach your child both hard and soft skills, in other words, “Smart Skills”. Meliora is the only co-learning ecosystem in the world that combines them all.

About Us

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The Idea Behind Meliora

The idea behind the foundation of Meliora is that today’s education system is inadequate for meeting the needs of the time and the future.

By 2030, young people who graduated from the best departments of the best universities will find that artificial intelligence robots will do their jobs. Therefore, our children must be prepared for this uncertain future in the most innovative and efficient manner possible through a different and innovative education system. 

Meliora’s approach is entirely different from the style of education used today, which does not cultivate creativity, self-discipline, communication, or problem-solving skills in children. This holistic, participative approach distinguishes Meliora’s education system from classical education.

Our Goals

With our model, our goal is to raise leaders of tomorrow who;

  • can transform knowledge into insight, virtue, wisdom and understanding!
  • can think out of the box,
  • can learn, unlearn and relearn,
  • adapt to dynamic nature of modern world shaped by ai, ml and algorithms,
  • can leave their comfort zones and dive into the challenges and opportunities of real life.

In times of crisis, time speeds up. You will fall behind if you don’t change your pace. Covid-19 has changed the way we live forever. We all suffer from inadequate education systems that can’t keep up with changing societies, as we saw again during the recent pandemic.

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